2018-2019 Class Schedule Beginning August 13, 2018

To register for classes click on the header found at the top of every page. If a student does not meet the age requirement or a class is available by audition only the class may not be visible from the registration page. Please contact the office for questions regarding placement.

Open House is Sunday August 5 from 2:00-5:00. Competition team auditions are Monday August 6 at 5:30 pm.



3:30-4:00         Teen Competition Solo Practice

4:00-5:30         Age 12-14 ballet and pointe

5:30-6:30          Age 7-8 ballet, tap, and jazz

6:30-7:30         Age 12 to 14 jazz

7:30-8:00         Teen Competition Group Practice



3:30-4:00        Teen Competition Duet Practice

4:00-4:45       Age 12 and older tap

4:45-5:30       Age 12 and older leaps and turns

5:30-6:15        Age 12 and older Acrobatics/Tumbling       

5:30-6:15        Age 5-6 Ballet and Tap

6:15-7:00         Age 11 and younger Acrobatics/ Tumbling

6:15-7:00        Advanced Pointe (must audition for this class)

7:00-8:15        Age 14 and older contemporary

7:00-7:45.       Age 9-13 Contemporary

7:45-8:15.       Age 9-13 Leaps and Turns

8:15-8:45        Senior competition team rehearsal



3:30-4:00         Junior Duet Rehearsals

4:00-5:00        Age 9 to 11 jazz/ballet

5:00-5:30        Age 9 to 11 tap

5:30-6:00        Age 3 ballet and creative movement

6:00-7:15        Age 8 and younger competition team

7:15-8:00       Junior (Age 9-11)  Competition Group Practice



3:30-4:00        Senior competition team solo practice

4:00-4:30        Senior competition team group practice

4:30-6:30         Advanced ballet and pointe (must audition for this class)

6:30-7:15         Age 4 ballet and tap

7:15-8:30         15 year old and older Jazz

8:30-9:00        Senior competition team duet practice



Drake Dance Academy is the choreographer for Jeffersonville High School Theater, Silver Creek High School Theater, and the Red Devils Dance Team. Fridays are reserved for theatrical and dance team rehearsals.